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The pioneering road zhejiang revealed detergent production machine big scam

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Family: hello! Based on current national washing and evil people mixed up joining industry products and automotive products, bad products, to join scam creeping confusion, after I proposed and with the relevant people to discuss decided to set up Chinese entrepreneurs to fraud prevention hoe cheat mutual union, specific implementation plan is as follows: one, to the nationwide public production and sales of washing product making machine and motor making machine units after the legitimacy for precise statistics in the official website of the public, let entrepreneurs to distinguish between right and wrong, little detours. Statistics include: company set up time, business license, scope of business is consistent with advertising, eia qualification issued by the environmental protection bureau, bureau of technical supervision or eat food safety production license issued by the national inspection reports, automotive products, washing products testing report, water quality inspection report, measuring instrument, the air quality impact report production, the production workshop of illuminance test report, national patent products and technology, production machines and products registered trademarks, making machine factory staff qualification certificate, technology research and development engineering personnel qualification, effective entity factory and factory production scale, the enterprise own main products name, is a violation of safety production of chemical raw materials and direct heating tube heating and inferior reaction kettle making machine, if there is a similar claim one thousand yuan, ten thousand yuan investment at home can be factory of false advertising, if there is a virtual do false internal shell and inferior double-headed electric tank installed and internal shell false ozone generator, making machine for label name that conforms to the national standard and implement standards, making machine control box inside have safety specification requirements, at the bottom of the reactor is installed more than 50 mm standard anti clogging fast loading disc valve, the production of more than 500 litres of reaction kettle on board at the bottom of the mixer power is less than 3 kw, making machine is equipped with power less than 1. 1 kw non-existing rehearsals difficult only 400 yuan worth of simple pump, support column reactor is thin-wall easy broken pipe, is there a gb detergent laundry detergent costs less than 0. The false propaganda of the 9 yuan, etc. ; Three, the related statistical content will notify the relevant units promptly declared all over the country, and the above statistics work will be finished in a month, and in the related official website; Four, the valid data statistics released later, be helpful for entrepreneurs to reasonable choice, increase their own defense ability to join scam. Union consultation telephone: 0731-84697588
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