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The market value of the concentrated laundry detergent is introduced

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 market value of the concentrated laundry detergent are presented here, hope that through our introduction to let people better understand and apply this knowledge, specific as follows: based on the knowledge we should know about is the premium is to point to in accordance with the national standard washing powder ( GB13171 - 97). In a class B standard production of detergent. Premium features are: density is big, contain a high content of surfactant, strong detergency, easy to rinse, etc. Concentrated detergent powder is mainly composed of high content of surfactant as the main active matter and soda ash, silicate and redeposition resistance agent additives, some products also with bleaching, sterilization and other functional additives ingredients. In addition, we should also learn about the concentrates belongs to low foam high-performance washing powder, low foam, easy to rinse, strong detergency, especially suitable for machine wash. Apply to the daily fabrics such as cotton, chemical fiber fabric washing, after washing clean, bright beautiful, fragrant. Due to the concentrated detergent powder density, small volume, can save the packing material, storage area and the transportation cost; Concentrated laundry detergent when use convenient and save time, save, save water, save electricity, and the drainage of waste water to contain chemical residues than alternative detergent is much lower, so the more environmentally friendly. More about the knowledge of the washing powder we will continue to bring you to sort out, please look! The previous: in 2019, the latest does not hurt the hand dishwashing detergent production formula
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