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The main purpose of the reverse osmosis water treatment making machine is introduced

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
In this fast-changing era of science and technology, water treatment industry peers are in the high speed development, because of the reverse osmosis water treatment making machine unique advantages. Both drinking or industrial sector, occupies an important position, the main application of the following industries: liquid detergent production machine 1, making electronic industrial production such as kinescope glass shell, CRT, LCD, circuit boards, computer hard drives, integrated circuit. Chips, such as monocrystalline silicon semiconductor technology required for pure water, high pure water; Washing powder production machine 2, making heat, coal-fired boiler, factories and mines enterprises, low pressure boiler water supply needed to soften water, in addition to salt water; Laundry detergent making machine 3, making medical infusion and injection needed for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical, biochemical products, pure water, medical aseptic water and artificial kidney dialysis with pure water, etc. ; 4, touch screen, glasses, mobile phone lens, digital camera lens cleaning with ultrapure water making machine, laundry detergent production machine 5, for making PCB, FPC, battery ( Lithium batteries, electric) , capacitors and other cleaning products, anti-static and other industrial high pure water making machine; Laundry detergent making machine 6, vacuum coating, optical coating, coated glass, color film, photoelectric optical glass industry and other industrial with high pure water making machine; Horizontal mixer 7, making drinking pure water, distilled water, mineral water beverage industry, wine brewing water and blending with pure water; 8, seawater, brackish water for making living water and drinking water; Laundry detergent production machine with liquid detergent, preparing electroplating process; Battery production process of pure water; Automobiles, home appliances, building materials products. Surface coating, cleaning Dun water; Coated glass with water; The hard salt water removal to textile printing and dyeing technology; Laundry detergent wrapped slurry machine 10, petroleum chemical industry such as chemical reaction cooling water; Chemicals, fertilizers, and fine chemical, cosmetics manufacturing process by process water; 11 airport, hotel, building, community property property of high quality water supply network system and swimming pool water quality purification; 12, detergent, hand sanitizer washing supplies industrial pure water; 13 detergent wrapped slurry machine, high purity, fax, printer ink, inkjet, nano ink with liquid detergent device 14, circuit boards, electroplating, such as electronic industrial wastewater treatment and reuse; 15, life, hospitals, tanning, printing and dyeing, paper making industrial wastewater and garbage leachate treatment; Detergent production factory house, the previous: horizontal mixer how good abrasion resistance
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