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The main factors influencing the filtering

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
According to the filter of the theory analysis and practice, the main factors influencing the filter is as follows: detergent production machine 1, temperature filtering, suspending liquid temperature is low, the viscosity, filtration velocity is slow. The viscosity of the liquid is the exponential function of the temperature, it significantly decreased with the rise of temperature. Temperature is the most simple and effective measures to reduce the viscosity, but the temperature is too high, easy to make oil oxidation, hair oil filter temperature is generally not more than 70 degrees. Laundry detergent machine 2, the operating pressure of oil impurities mostly incompressibility, operating pressure, filtration rate is large. If oil of suspended solid matter consists of colloidal substance, then with the increase of the pressure, inside the filter cake gap smaller, filtration resistance increases gradually, filtration velocity drops rapidly, so the pressure must be determined according to the different situation. Laundry detergent making machine 3, concentration of slurry concentration, the filter residue, make effective filtering in batch production of each operating cycle time reduced, affect production. For the continuous operation of vacuum filter, concentration of large generated filter cake is uniform, and easy to clean up in time, little influence on production. Laundry detergent production machine 4, the choice of filter medium and filter aid filtration medium affect the degree of filter oil after clarification, and success or failure of bread. Oil industry using the filter medium is woven more medium. Common yarn 5-20 8 strands of canvas, twill and plain white muslin cotton goods. Also commonly used 130 #, 240 #, 260 #, 261 # polyester filter cloth and 828 # vinylon HuaQianPin filter cloth, etc. Warp/weft number of shares more used for crude oil filters, less number of shares for oil filter, for some demanding filtering, to be outside the coarse filter cloth covered a layer of white muslin or flannelette. In addition, also often use stainless steel wire woven mesh, 30 - 40 / cm hole mesh used for oil filter, 140 - 180 / cm hole mesh for decoloring oil filter. For suspending liquid containing a higher proportion of colloidal particles, adding filter aid can effectively improve the filtering speed. Especially for some restricted by technology, raise the temperature will not be used filtering suspension system, the application of filter aid is of great significance. If you want to use leaching oil producing edible phospholipids, will add diatomite filter aid; In dewaxing, must at lower temperatures when mins filter, filter aid effect is more obvious. Detergent production factory house, the previous: ozone sterilization and its application in food industry
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