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The current situation of the development of small laundry detergent equipment manufacturer

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Along with the development of the society, people's life rhythm is fast, small manufacturer was also concern about the current situation of the development of laundry detergent equipment and so on health and hygiene standards also had higher requirements and choices, the typical family cleaning such as laundry, wash, wash, wash feet with some washing the floor, kitchen, bathroom, glass, lampblack machine, air conditioning and other household cleaning and maintenance activities, also need to be more professional cleaning and washing products. Small laundry detergent equipment such as hotel other small package shampoo, shower gel, soap, detergent, floor cleaner, clean sheets and cleaning detergent and disinfectant used in catering industry market more vast. Large office buildings, procter & gamble company for cleaning products consumption is astonishing. Small laundry detergent equipment would be in the market, it is well known that the cleaning products are made by manufacturer of large batch production, and washing supplies the high profit space is unknown, its main raw material is just chemical raw materials, lower cost, washing powder general cost is 0. Is 3 to 8 yuan/kg, the market price 5 yuan. Dishwashing detergent is 0. 25 - 0. 2-6 yuan/kg, the market price 3. 5 yuan. Shampoo is 0. 6 - 1. 8-2 yuan/kg, the market price 12 yuan. Bath dew 0. 3 - 1. 5-2 yuan/kg, the market price 10 yuan, other cleaning agents are below 2 yuan per kilogram cost part, and use effect, colour and lustre, foam, decontamination ability can be very different with the products. So we need to know current situation of the development of small laundry detergent equipment manufacturer, we know the manufacturer mainly is the cost of advertising, taxation, large-scale equipment and plant, employee benefits, etc. So you can imagine if your production can save most of the costs, profits is self-evident. Small laundry detergent equipments all the year round, regardless of winter heat, or in the spring and autumn season, all need to use washing supplies, the implication is washing supplies don't have any time, regional sales market, the limit of the crowd. So you can be sure that the washing chemical products is one of the large market in small and medium-sized investment projects, is the world profiteering industry too much. Detergent powder making machine detergent powder making machine next up: the wealth of the production of laundry detergent you to catch the express? The previous: detergent instructions: what are the dangers of detergent?
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