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The choose and buy dish detergent production machine should be careful

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Tableware washing and cleaning, cleaning of the catering industry is related to the urban and rural households and many events related to the food hygiene of food and beverage enterprise, cannot afford, catering class detergent, large amount of the larger is the essence that wash clean, supermarket shelves' famous' products can't meet the demand. The larger market potential that horse in recent years, a lot of detergent small micro enterprise, scale, management, quality the good and bad are intermingled. The entrepreneurs should be careful to choose detergent production machine, avoid the choose and buy to inferior making machine, belt distinguish inferior detergent production machine. The masses of customers friend should be above the detergent production machine internal directly heated thin skin and inferior making machine, the making machine installed inside the heat pipes have direct contact with the chemical raw materials, easy for conductive chemical corrosion cause safety accidents. Biggest characteristic of this kind of cheat a eia qualification, the second is making machine sold similar thin skin coffin. Such a liar have market, because most users covet cheap were blinded. Making machine, although simple, but the customer also need to pay attention when the choose and buy, remind you that machine need to consider the choice investment detergent production mechanism, avoid being deceived. Will need the following main points: one, simple mixer can only production does not conform to the national standard and short shelf life of low-grade detergent making machine traditional simple mixer can produce cheap not up to the national standard of scour making machine, mainly sulfonic acid, and raw materials such as caustic soda AES to join 80-6501 90 mix well after water washing products, sold to restaurants and other places, although the market quantity is large, but the quality guarantee, product storage period is short, easy delamination smell, affect the health, cannot be in supermarkets, although or cottage industry after years of factory production, hard to succeed. As countries increasingly specification management of the catering industry, the simple mode of production will fall into disuse. Second, churning out making machine produce unqualified products because of its simple simple mixer made many small retailers, production machining cost is low, then after manufactured in each big media advertising to attract buyers, users to buy back the detergent production mechanism for machine because the product after emulsification is bad quality closes nevertheless affect the market. What's more, these small retailers will install a simple production machine department mixer, making machine installed at the bottom of the emulsifying machine, but after long time making machine at the bottom of the sealing ring will ooze water, serious when electrical short circuit caused safety accidents. Some unscrupulous traders to take advantage of low price to attract users, making machine inferior material, use less than a few months making machine rusty, and use the supermarket on the market a few hundred dollars to buy back the small simple water filters are assembled to make machine as water making machine, lead to products because the bacteria cause metamorphism. Three, washing products affect the quality of the product technology content after a good detergent production mechanism for machine, is also very important technical formula, some unscrupulous traders never after regular school edification, completely without washing professional knowledge, after a few books from the bookstore to buy pieced together will not mature formula provides to the user, also do not know anything about washing technology users back after being picked, the result caused by product quality closes nevertheless failure. The pusher mainly adopts sulfonic acid, 6501, AES, caustic soda, etc. 5 Six simple making machine configuration detergent raw materials, due to low product integrated components, decontamination performance cannot and market well-known brand product, really good washing at least 15 - product technical formula 20 kinds of raw materials distribution, only in this way can give full play to the role of each raw material, the formation of fine product performance. Many customers buy back after making machine, found that the product quality is poor, and blind increase the amount of raw materials, not only the product cost is high, but also affect the product quality, just like people eat, eat many bad to the body not only, but also affect the body health. High quality cost-effective technology formula, although raw material variety, but relatively single kind of raw materials, less comprehensive cost will be lower, so the correct choice there is knowledge, have the technical strength of the factory cooperation is the key to success. In addition, the so-called mother liquid detergent that sells on the market directly against the production of detergent, water is in fact the above several simple raw material mix semi-finished products, while the cost is low, but after the other party or to make money to sell to you, but the quality is guaranteed. Above is about detergent production machine purchase considerations, help people recognize the importance of making machine of choose and buy, not only care about the price is cheap, cheap no good goods, focus on quality, factory technical formula, such as concentrated liquid washing making machine research and development for 30 years, regular green credentials, with exquisite production technology formula, making machine quality, the company has hundreds of national patents, many detergent formulation national invention patents, the Ministry of Science and Technology patent, new technology of detergent cost reduced to zero. 2 yuan. The company with its high starting point, assuring quality, valuing reputation, making machine was warmly welcomed by the consumers.
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