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The basic requirement of reverse osmosis water treatment device

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
1, reverse osmosis water treatment device ( Hereinafter referred to as device) Should comply with the provisions of the standard, and according to the prescribed procedures approved drawings and manufacturing technical documentation. 2, device selection of pretreatment making machine, pipe, valve, instrument component part shall comply with national and industry standards, such as with product certificate, appropriate corrosion and protection measures should be taken when necessary, may not pollution water. 3, should choose according to water quality performance suitable membrane module. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the membrane module design shall be not less than 25000 h. Membrane module assembly, should use 50% of glycerol, Pure chemicals) Aqueous solution as a lubricant, the container terminal board, membrane module pin, seals and other parts of lubrication. 4, device processing and manufacturing should comply with the provisions of the JB/T 2932. 5, the device should be installed firmly, main frame, weld formation, horizontal and vertical direction of tolerance should comply with the design requirements of the device. Paint coating evenly, beautiful, strong, should comply with the provisions of GB/T2932. 6, the trend of the pipe installation should be straight, reasonable, conform to the requirements of the process. 7, pump installation position should be balanced, can not have obvious vibration in the operation. The inlet and outlet of the high pressure pump shall be equipped with low pressure protection and high voltage protection, respectively on the outlet pipe should be set up slowly open the valve. 8, the protection of the reverse osmosis membrane system should be safe and reliable, have the impact to prevent water hammer protection measures; Membrane module infiltration water side pressure should be less than concentrated water side, special circumstances to the lateral pressure is higher than that of condensed water side pressure infiltration water, but the pressure difference should be less than 0. 03MPa。 9, 1 device in design pressure. 25 times under free condition, can not have leakage phenomenon. 10, is easy to operate, the installation of electrical control should be a sensitive and reliable control should meet fault should immediately stop, with automatic protection function. 11, after pretreatment of water into the reverse osmosis treatment working procedure, should carry on the water quality pollution index measurement, the method stipulated in the DL/T 5588. 12, unit should possess chemical cleaning system or interface, and clean with piecewise function. 13, device of waste shall comply with the provisions of GB 8978. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine _ laundry detergent production making machine _ _ liquid detergent laundry detergent production machine making machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: what impact the quality of the liquid detergent
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