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The advantages of liquid detergent production machine and daily maintenance

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
EDI technology is the precision of the perfect combination of ion exchange and electrodialysis ion of new technology, water through the EDI system, and the ion exchange resin layer in the membrane of Yin and Yang, producing high pure water ( Generally greater than 15 megohm) , and after the displacement reaction of Yin and Yang resin by electrolysis of water molecules into hydrogen and hydroxyl ions regeneration, to restore the exchange of ions. The automatic cycle of replacement, the regeneration process, attaining the aim of EDI automatic desalination, its advantages: laundry detergent production machine 1, without alkali regeneration, no environmental pollution; Covers an area of 2, significantly reduced making machine; 3, intelligent control, improve work efficiency; 4, performance is superior, the effluent is stable and reliable; 5, modular combination, convenient and quick. Liquid detergent production machine maintenance notice: liquid detergent production machine of scientific and rational design is the need for rigorous, but the correct maintenance operation is also very important, daily maintenance directly affects the service life of making machine and water production of water, such as improper management, cause material changed frequently, high operation cost. Laundry detergent production machine 1, do a good job in running record carefully observation record each node parameters; 2, although generally making machine adopts fully automatic intelligent control, also need to be regularly patrol work; 3, pretreatment making machine running needs to pay attention to, and regularly check the normal operation of the automatic cleaning? Effluent water quality regularly check whether qualified, Focus on pollution index and index of ORP) ; 4, regular replacement precision filter, timely replacement is needed when there is grey filter element inner layer; Laundry detergent production machine 5, time monitoring reverse osmosis host runtime pressure, flow, water quality indexes, abnormal need solving in time, when need chemical cleaning timely cleaning; 6, EDI precision electric desalination plant, pay attention to water quality, light, strong water in and out of the technical parameters such as pressure, operating voltage and current based on renewable technology parameter changes in a timely manner and chemical cleaning; 7, polishing resin filter, pay attention to in the daily management of the water quality condition, do not conform to the requirements of the design could not enter, otherwise the failure too fast; 8, insist on each processing unit effluent is unqualified will not be able to enter the next processing unit, or increase the processing unit under the load, the irreversible damage. Detergent production factory house, the previous: liquid detergent making machine in industry application
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