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The advantages and principle of pure water making machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Pure water making machine with the advantages of the principle of EDI device is used in reverse osmosis system, to replace the traditional mixed ion exchange technology ( MB - DI) In the production of stable liquid detergent. EDI technology compared with mixed ion exchange technology has the following advantages: (1) water quality stability (2) easy to realize automatic control (3) will not stop by regeneration (4) without chemical regeneration (5) low operating cost 6 cover an area of an area small 7 no sewage EDI technology is a revolutionary water treatment technology, electrodialysis and ion exchange organically combined continuous desalination process, is a high-tech green environmental protection technology. EDI water making machine has continuous water, without the advantages of acid and alkali regeneration and unattended, has set up a file in the preparation of pure water system gradually replace mixed bed used as fine treatment making machine. EDI device is used in reverse osmosis system, instead of ion exchange resin, without alkali regeneration, with water quality stability, low operating cost, convenient operation and management, cover an area of an area small, etc. Ultrapure water making machine principle of ultrapure water making machine adopts pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, mixed bed, EDI device level and after processing, remove the conductive medium is almost entirely in the water, and water dissociation of colloidal substance, gas and organic matter removal to very low levels of water making machine. Ultrapure water making machine called again, ultrapure water, ultrapure water, ultrapure water, ultrapure water systems, laboratory ultrapure water and etc. Ultrapure water machine produces ultrapure water resistivity generally should be greater than 10 ohms, water is more than 10 ohms ultrapure water. General ultrapure water out of the water can reach 18. 25 ohms. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine, liquid detergent production machine, washing powder production machine, laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: liquid detergent making machine a variety of reasons of leaking and their solutions
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