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by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - Talented people - 01 - - Create brilliant because business grows need, invite applications for a job the following talent for a long time a lecturer, technical requirement: college degree or above, to express strong interpersonal communication skills, standard mandarin, fine chemical industry professional and industry experience is preferred. Marketing lecturer requirements: bachelor degree or above, marketing, and more than 3 years working experience in marketing, the market has the keen insight and observation, can the independent design a product marketing solutions, washing supplies marketing experience is preferred. Three, senior investment consultant requirements: bachelor above degree, major in economic management major, the social and economic development, consumption tendency, entrepreneurial project analysis, have their own unique insights and understanding, can independently accomplish the investment project feasibility analysis, risk assessment, and the calculation of return on investment. Four, senior engineer requirements: bachelor degree or above, fine chemical industry specialty, engaged in washing the date more than three years experience, has innovation consciousness, innovation work rigorous. Five, formulation r&d engineer requirements: master degree or above, fine chemical industry specialty, engaged in cleaning formula research and development experience, more than one year have developed timely basis and priority results. Above requirements have team cooperation spirit, the right candidates, lucrative, and provide the perfect job training, qualified can put personal resume, id copy, diploma copy of valid documents by mail to the company or call to make an appointment interview, and the position the company for their personal information confidential, will not be returned. Important note: the company shall be implemented for the above positions are releasing, as a formal labor contract, deadline for at least two years, all kinds of social insurance, terminate the labor contract will be in accordance with the provisions in advance compensation for loss! The last: warm prompt: with flyers can free learning for a long time, the production and operation
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