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Tableware detergent detergent national quality standard is what?

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 at present, the production of detergent must abide by the GB9985 - 2000 'hand washing with detergent tableware' a country compulsive standard, in the standard detection of detergent has a total of 13 projects, including appearance, smell, stability, the total content of active matter, PH, detergency, fluorescent whitening agent, arsenic, methanol, formaldehyde, heavy metals, the total number of colonies, coliform bacteria. 1, appearance: liquid product is not layered, no suspension or precipitation, powdery product even without impurities, no lumps. 2, smell, can not have other peculiar smell, add sweet scent products should comply with the regulations. 3, stability, : - 3 ℃ ~ 10 ℃ in the refrigerator for 24 hours, remove back to no crystallization at room temperature observation, no precipitation. ( 40± 1) 24 hour ℃ heat preservation box, take out immediately to observe stratification, not cloudy, and do not change the smell. 4, the total content of active matter & ge; 15%, PH value: 4. 0 ~ 10. 56, detergency: not less than standard tableware detergent 7, fluorescent whitening agent: 8, methanol may not be checked out & le; 1 mg/g9, formaldehyde & le; 0. 1 mg/g10, arsenic & le; 0. 5 mg/kg11, heavy metal & le; 1 mg/kg12, total number of colonies & le; 1000 / g13, coliform group & le; 3 / ggb9985-100 2000 to use for hand washing dishes with detergent surfactants, preservatives and colorants rules are as follows: tableware detergent formulation used in surfactant biodegradation degrees should be not less than 90%. The preservatives used shall be the law of the People's Republic of China ministry of health issued 'cosmetics health standard' ( The 2007 edition) Listed substances, and must be in conformity with the provisions including allows the use of concentration, using range and constraints. The colorants used should be 'cosmetics health standard' ( The 2007 edition) List of all kinds of cosmetics are allowed to use the material, the use of and comply with relevant regulations. General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued detailed rules for the implementation of the tableware detergent products production license to requirements essence using GB2760 'standard of national food safety standards of using food additives'. A: detergent equipment manufacturer: detergent production operation process
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