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Reverse osmosis water treatment timing and methods of making machine cleaning

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine in the process of reverse osmosis membrane in the years of work, because of the inorganic salt scale scale, metal oxide film machine, colloid fouling, suspended solid content scale, such as pollution, cause discrepancy does not conform to the standard. To restore the good performance of making machine, film making machine for cleaning. When need to be cleaned? How to wash? With below small make up together and see it. A, the timing of the cleaning, water production rate is lower than the normal 10-1 15%. 2, desalination rate drops below 90%. 3, membrane pressure difference is too big & gt; 10%. Second, reverse osmosis water treatment before making machine cleaning method 1, the wet membrane. 2, after the computer records DOTA before test. 3, chemical cleaning, Use the RCB - Alkali) To record. 4, chemical cleaning, Use the RCA - Acid) To record. 5, soak preservation solution. The above content is about the timing of the reverse osmosis water treatment making machine cleaning and the method of description, making machine and reverse osmosis pretreatment device part of the first contact with raw water making machine, and the effect of pretreatment device determines the device is often polluted by the pollutants in the water, so often need to cleaning, preprocessing device to ensure the normal operation of the preprocessing device and the normal operation of the subsequent water treatment station. Detergent production factory house, the previous: the role of laundry detergent, everyone know?
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