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Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine use

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine USES basically has the following several aspects: 1, making electronic industrial production such as monocrystalline silicon semiconductor integrated circuit blocks, tube and glass shell, such as liquid crystal display manufacturing industrial pure water, ultrapure water. 2, medicine, industry water use: pharmaceutical, preparation process water, medical hemodialysis, biochemical analysis, fluids, etc. 3, making heat, coal-fired boiler, factories and mines enterprises, low pressure boiler water supply needed to soften water, in addition to salt water. 4, preparing beverage industry drinking pure water, natural water, mineral water, distilled water, salt, liquor production and liquor blending with pure water, beer saccharification feeding water and pure draft beer filtration etc. 5, hotels, buildings, community high quality water supply network system and swimming pool water quality purification. 6, preparing electroplating process with liquid detergent, cell ( Battery) Production process of pure water, cars, home appliances, building materials products surface coating, clean water, coated glass with pure water, textile dyeing and printing process needed in addition to salt water. 7, petrochemical industry such as chemical reaction cooling, chemicals, fertilizers, and fine chemical industry, cosmetics manufacturing process by process water. Detergent production factory house, the previous: recycling reverse osmosis pure water making machine
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