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Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine has high reliability

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
Reverse osmosis water making machine processing making machine to overcome the instability of pipeline network of water supply, guarantee the stability of the entire system of water supply continuous; At the same time also to making machine provides the guarantee reliable performance for a long time. Tank configuration high water floating ball valve and the low water level switch. It has high reliability, low price, simple structure, convenient installation. Reverse osmosis water treatment when water levels are high, making machine, floating ball valve closed, stop the water. Water level in the low water level, high water floating ball valve open, began to fill the tank. At the same time, the low water level switch, booster pump stop working. 2, 1) the original water pump Role: to prepared the production of machine work provides the necessary pressure. Liquid detergent production machine set carbon filter in front of the reverse osmosis unit, there are two main functions: washing powder production machine 1, adsorbed organic matter in water, the adsorption rate is about 60% laundry detergent production machine 2, the adsorption of residual chlorine in water. Adsorption of granularity in 10 - About 20 angstrom of solubility of organic polymer and inorganic colloid, organic colloid impurities and is difficult to remove residual chlorine in the sand filter. Activated carbon adsorption granularity is can be used to in a few spots around of actives, is due to its structure exist a large number of average pore diameter in 20 - Mr 50 micro holes and cracks, the structure characteristics of activated carbon, make its surface adsorption area can reach 500 - 2000 m2 / g, because the diameter is slightly less than 20 - general organic molecule 50, so the adsorption effect of activated carbon has a strong presence of organic matter. Activated carbon has a strong ability of dechlorination in addition, due to the residual chlorine has a strong oxidizing, residual chlorine and carbon reacts, generates carbon dioxide and chlorine ion, so just lost a small amount of carbon and activated carbon dechlorination can use quite a long time. Laundry detergent activated carbon production machine has more functions, not only can remove the peculiar smell in the water, pigment, improve the clarity of water, activated carbon use after a period of time, its adsorption ability to drop, need to regenerate or replace. So, after the raw water by carbon filter, can greatly improve the water quality, reduce the pollution on reverse osmosis membrane, after processing, the water quality can meet the requirements of incoming water reverse osmosis unit ( Residual chlorine & lt; 0. 1mg/L) 。 Horizontal agitator washing powder production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent production plant home laundry detergent is analysed using method
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