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Reverse osmosis making machine how to cleaning

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
Reverse osmosis making machine is mainly used for water purification, with the reverse osmosis making machine running time increases, will push a reverse osmosis membrane surface layer composition, will influence on the performance of the reverse osmosis membrane filter. So right ro making machine cleaning is very important, must be in strict accordance with the cleaning steps, in case of damage due to error making machine. Cleaning method mainly has three kinds: 1, the low pressure reverse osmosis making machine wash: periodic reverse osmosis making machine for large flow, low pressure, low pH value of flushing, are attached to the membrane surface effective removal of dirt, maintain membrane performance, when the reverse osmosis making machine water suddenly rises more than 5. More than 5 should be low pressure flush, after being transferred to qualified to boot. 2, reverse osmosis membrane chemical cleaning: under the condition of normal operation, reverse osmosis membrane may also be inorganic contamination such as dirt, colloid, microorganism, metal oxide, deposited on the membrane surface, cause water making machine reverse osmosis device output descent or desalination rate, differential pressure increases, and even cause unrecoverable damage to membrane. Therefore, need to chemical cleaning of membrane, restore good waterproof and desalination performance. 3, reverse osmosis, making machine shutdown protection: due to the fluctuation of production, reverse osmosis making machine inevitably often shutdown, short-term or long-term outage protection measures must be taken, improper handling can lead to membrane performance degradation and recovery. Detergent production factory house, on a: excuse me, how to identify the detergent production machine to join scam?
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