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Reverse osmosis common fault what are making machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
Reverse osmosis machine made by advanced reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, can filter out most of the raw water salinity, the impurities such as bacteria, viruses, reverse osmosis making machine in daily application is more and more widely, making machine of the effluent water quality is the key measure, so, how to ensure the normal operation of the reverse osmosis making machine? So let me take you to understand the reverse osmosis making machine of some of the fault analysis and processing. Ro reverse osmosis water treatment production machine making machine failure analysis: reverse osmosis making machine failure phenomenon basically has 3 kinds: flux reduction, salt transmittance increases ( Desalination rate down) Increases, the pressure drop, the cause of the three points into action (fault are many, should try to find out the essence of the problem from the failure phenomenon, so as to implement repair and maintenance of countermeasures, such as as soon as possible. Reverse osmosis is the most common problems in making machine desalination rate decline and the product quantity is reduced, if both or one of them slowly decreased, may be common phenomenon of dirt or scale produces, can solve a problem through proper cleaning; While the performance degradation, sudden or rapid processing system problems or improper operation. Problem happened, need to solve as soon as possible, time delay and it could lead to reverse osmosis membrane can not restore the original performance. Liquid detergent the prerequisite for making machine found the problem in time is to save the corresponding records. When discovery system desalination rate and water rate decline, should first calibration instrument, in order to avoid the instrument reason and miscalculation. These instruments including conductivity table, flow, pressure gauge, thermometer, etc. Secondly, to record the operation of the data on 'standardization'. Because of temperature, feed water TDS, recovery, use fixed number of year and water flux change, can cause the change of the desalting rate and the water rate. Standardized water rate and the rate of desalination by calculation, and then compared with the operation of the initial data, verification system for XXX. Washing powder production machine in the reverse osmosis device in the long run, the membrane surface will gradually accumulate all kinds of pollutants, such as colloid, microorganism, inorganic scale, metal oxide, etc. These substances deposited on the membrane surface, will cause the reverse osmosis device performance decline. In order to restore the membrane performance, chemical cleaning and disinfection should be carried out on membrane. Laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: two-stage reverse osmosis water treatment making machine installed
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