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Reasonable use detergent to wash clothes more clean

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
Let the clothes cleaner 1. 2 with hot water. Prewash: prewash more dirty clothes can start washing. 3. Pretreatment, collar, sleeves, such as a dirty parts, spray a little collar net. 4. Soak: deep dirty clothes optional prewash good program for a while, and then disconnect the power supply for a few hours later, back washing, turning on the power supply can make the washing effect is better. 5. USES low foam detergent: because of too many high foaming detergent foam, make washing, bleaching nd spinning the washed effect greatly weakened, with low foam detergent, wash the maximum effect, make clothing more clean. Keep after washing clothes smell before the laundry into a small amount of bleach, spices, etc. , make after washing clothes is not only clean, white and charming perfume. Make a habit instant washing laundry. Some laundry habits are will save up to a week after washing clothes, clothing easy to taint and bad bacteria. After washing the soft fluffy 1. Softener bate: when catharsis, add softener, soften clothes. 2. Heating washing: effectively soften clothes fiber, protective clothing, make after washing clothes more soft and fluffy. Our company provides: - washing powder production machine - Detergent packing machine - - - - - - - Detergent production making machine - Because making machine - - Laundry detergent packing machine and so on, has the need to please call! ! ! Detergent production factory house, the previous mechanical tell you laundry detergent and washing powder
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