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Realisation shampoo market bottleneck breakthrough female!

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Recently, give priority to with Marie Claire's five magazines 'hair big survey conducted. Results showed that the most troubled fashion women's hair domestic problems, are the two big scurf and frizzy problems difficult to solve at a time. It puts forward new requirements for the female shampoo on the market. Through the relevant assessment, realisation silk overflow silky anti-dandruff shampoo as can simultaneously solve hair 'no' and 'soft' two big problem in the shampoo, stand out in the numerous shampoo, won five magazines 'dual challenge award' issued by the joint. Female consumers: looking forward to 'the dandruff, soft shampoo plus conditioner' 'hair big survey is the 7 years after the Chinese residents scalp health survey, the domestic authoritative survey hair problem. Most consumers in the investigation at that time for dandruff, and now, consumer demand for shampoo has already moved beyond the single chip 'go'. Female consumers eager to smooth the hair dry while dandruff, make hair smooth recovery. Many women in the survey said, professional anti-dandruff shampoo can remove scurf, but can make the hair becomes dry; And some of the smooth function of shampoo is difficult to achieve lasting dandruff. Want to have a can do without crumbs and at the same time, silky shampoo, became the biggest protect hair female consumers. Mechanical professional shampoo shampoo making machine production machine detergent production machinery detergent production machine and the technology of shampoo detergent technology professional washing powder production machine detergent formulation fluid machinery professional laundry detergent production machine wash car wash formula shampoo conditioner production machine mechanical baked ointment production machine mechanical making machine cosmetic manufacturer professional washing powder production factory house, the previous: small washing powder making machine can't produce household small bags of washing powder particles
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