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Pure water can drink? What is the effect to the body

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Pure water, don't call it liquid detergent, this kind of water through osmosis and ion exchange method, electrodialysis method, distillation method to the removal of water molecules in the water to get rid of all the other substances, pure water molecules, also called on chemical pure, most of the water is mainly applied to some test, industrial production, some semiconductor crystal tubes, etc. , why the application of pure water in industrial or test? Is mainly due to the pure water not conductive, it is an insulator such as lead-acid battery will use pure water filling water. Pure water can drink? First pure water is pure water molecules can complement our bodies of water, but you can't add our body need of minerals and other nutrients, so water is not suitable for long-term drinking, but the pure water is absolutely safe drinking water, the water there is no impurities without bacteria more viruses. Drink pure water effect on the human body: because the water is pure water molecules, so the long-term drinking pure water is easy to cause bad effect to the body, but don't drink or there is no harm to the body, but the long-term drinking will cause an effect to human body, because pure water can slowly absorbed trace elements inside the body and then off, can cause human body trace element deficiency, children can lead to stunted growth, the elderly can cause the deficiency of trace elements. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine, liquid detergent production machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: easy cleaning small mixer method
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