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by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 the company specializing in the production of chemical washing equipment, shampoo machine, dishwashing machine, washing machine, professional chemical equipment, production machinery and equipment machine technology formula 1 production process, the production of shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent, detergent, car shampoo, conditioner, leather polishing agent, hair conditioner, baked ointment, gel cream, massage cream, liquid, paste products the first choice of equipment. 2, 2 mm thick reaction kettle double the 304 stainless steel material: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance. For production of conditioner, baked ointment, gel cream, massage cream paste liquid detergent products and high-grade products specifically designed. 3 with interlayer heating mode, equipment, and have professional data constant temperature heating function, can play a role of raw materials and non-volatile its maximum effect. 4, automatic control operation, the factory engineer right under the guidance of professional easy to learn 5, free civilian, hotels, laundry and other special recipe: the latest mature detergent formula, the formula shampoo, shower gel formula, liquid soap formula, liquid soap formula, washing liquid formula, laundry detergent formulation, hair conditioner formula, baked ointment, gel water formula formula, bleach water formula, the universal formula, clean toilet water essence formula, etc. 6, series model diversification: small detergent equipment machine, small shampoo family detergent production equipment, production equipment, small body wash equipment, laundry detergent, medium-sized conditioner equipment, hand sanitizer, gel water equipment, large-scale vacuum heating equipment, facial cleanser, facial cream cosmetics production equipment, massage cream, gel cream equipment, reverse osmosis water processor, various model filling machine ( Semi-automatic, automatic filling, single head, double head filling, 100 - 1000毫升/ 250 - 2500毫升/ 500 - 5000 ml range), From soup to nuts, conveyor equipment, printing machine, printer, screw cap machine, from the production, filling, transportation, packaging, the whole a complete assembly line production equipment complete, welcome to investment in detergent products production projects, shall be to the company in person, have a professional technician for your answer all the doubts, set up factories and can provide you with the advice and business analysis, customer can XueJi postoperative payment first, mechanical equipment detergent shampoo provides you with zero risk investment decisions. A: washing supplies small investment is the first choice for you
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