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Prolong the service life of the liquid detergent production machine resin method

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
Use and maintenance of the resin includes the following three aspects: a. Yin and Yang of ion exchange resin, resin pretreatment of ion exchange resin. Softening resin appearance and gaps in the mix mixed with low molecular and some inorganic impurities ( Such as copper, iron, etc. ) Polymer monomer material because in the process of synthetic resin. And hole agents, so the resin before put into operation, the necessary to remove these impurities, or in use process will pollution of the resin in a variety of ways. Especially it should be pointed out that wastewater containing chromium, in chromic acid is a kind of oxidant, such as resin in copper, iron, have catalytic oxidation, so as to accelerate the resin oxidation. The disposal method is as follows: Yin resin ( Especially alkali Yin resin) Poor heat resistance for using new resin were washed repeatedly with hot water. Yang resin available - 70 80 ℃ hot water. Available 50 - 60 ℃ hot water. Started to dip, change water every 15 minutes or so, when the baptism if it weren't for stirring, 45 times, change water once every 30 minutes in water, water in a total of 78 times, soak to wash water without brown, bubble when very few so far ( Liquid detergent production machine) 。 With acid, alkali treatment. Yang resin with 1 mol / 1 HCL slowly through the resin layer, resin fill into the column after washing with hot water. About 23 times the size of resin dosage, about 2 hours to flow out, after a bit washed out with water, then use 1 mol / 1 naoh through the resin layer, dosage and velocity with the former. After the basic flow, water leaching from around water ph9, with 1 mol/HCL 1 or 0. 5 mol / 1 - h2so4 resin into H, dosage for 34 times the size of resin, velocity with the former. After the acid flow, water injector to ph6 above water, can be put into operation. two Maintenance of ion exchange resin. Soften the resin at the same time, to prevent some wastewater severe oxidation of resin. Therefore, resin in use process should prevent the pollution of suspended solids, organic matter and oil, etc. Before entering the Yin resin acid oxidation wastewater should remove heavy metal ions, in order to prevent the heavy metals of resin catalyst. Every time after making machine running exchange column should be in the wastewater discharge wastewater pool back, instead of running water or purified water immersion. Regenerated resin regeneration in time after saturation, unfavorable and long-term soaking parked in the concentrate, should be washed out clean. 3. Resin activated when using after several cycles, whether or Yin Yang resin resin. In exchange capacity decline phenomenon. Capacity decline reason, on the one hand is due to incomplete regeneration, the resin with a certain amount of buildup of ion is not renewable down, affect exchange; For example, on the other hand, H2CrO4 of chromium-containing waste water and H2Cr2O7 has oxidation of resin, the resin in Cr3, more and more, affect the normal work of the resin. Therefore, when the resin capacity has a significant downward trend, should carry on the activation of the resin. Detergent packing machine _ _ reverse osmosis water treatment production machine laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, in an article: how to choose a water purifier? What are the types of water purifiers?
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