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Production needs of laundry detergent are making machine?

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
Manufacturing machine: 1, reverse osmosis water treatment: making machine is used for the purification of water. 2, pure water tank: used for processing after the water storage tank. 3. Stirring homogeneous emulsification machine: making machine to make laundry detergent. 4, laundry detergent finished product storage tank: laundry detergent manufacturing good transport into the tank. Let stand for 12 hours, and then packing. Second, packaging machine: 1. Automatic filling machine, used for automatic weighing and quantitative packing of laundry detergent. With quantitative, discharging mouth dripping. 2. Automatic capping machine: used for laundry detergent bottle cap screw cap. ( Laundry detergent production machine) 3. Automatic labeling machine, used for automatic labeling. Automatic double location labeling. Hangzhou machinery making machine co. , LTD. , founded in 1992, mainly engaged in daily detergent making machine and its production and process research and development, production and sales and technology promotion, and professional is committed to cleaning products marketing, planning, building brand image and catharsis things small startup, get rich quick project training and promotion! Companies making machine processing is complete, the process is perfect, strong technical force, excellent product development and design ability and rich experience in production. For cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy manufacturers provide mechanical making machine design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and technical improvement support and technical advisory services. Because making machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: the correct way of using the detergent
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