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PK laundry detergent washing powder, who can dominate the laundry industry? - - - Because making machine laundry detergent production laundry detergent formulation

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
PK laundry detergent washing powder, who can dominate the laundry industry? - - - Laundry detergent making machine laundry detergent production laundry detergent formulation laundry detergent and which is the true king of the laundry detergent? Mainly from the decontamination ability of the product, protection, security and dissolve degree four aspects to focus on the PK. Decontamination ability: detergent surfactants to anionic surfactants, plus alkaline additives, led directly to the alkaline aqueous solution, and even strong alkaline washing powder, pH value can reach 10 or even more than 12, direct contact with a big stimulus to human skin. Except adding enzyme detergent, pH usually not more than 10 straight, because of the high alkaline enzyme activity. Basic recipe has a strong ability of decontamination, to oil, at the same time also has the diffusion effect and so on clothing, anti-static, to Huang Zeng white, high cost performance. Laundry detergent can be divided into structural and non structural type two kinds, structured surfactant components of laundry detergent and washing powder is close, at the same time contains more inorganic additives, suitable to wash the stain more clothes; Non structured laundry detergent is given priority to with nonionic surfactant, soluble in water after the pH value is close to neutral, don't have to scrub hard, you just need to gently rub. For heavy stain, can adopt the way of laundry detergent precoating, laundry effortlessly. Protective: most of the washing powder on the market is alkaline, damage to the skin is large, and as long as it is alkaline detergent, the clothes will have damage. Laundry detergent using high and new technology, using a mild liquid formula, with wash protect the unity of the multiple function. Relative to traditional detergent, laundry detergent alkaline low, performance is more moderate, does not damage clothing and hands. Safety: poor washing powder often contain harmful ingredients such as phosphorus, aluminum, it's hard to natural degradation, not only harm to health, will cause serious environmental pollution. Laundry detergent, phosphorous means that more 'green' and security, its degradation speed faster, more important, little influence on environment. Solubility: washing powder, alkaline composition in hard water deposits formed, will adhere to the surface of clothes, reduce the washing effect; Cannot be completely dissolved in the process of washing, is not easy to rinse, and residue will damage the clothes; Good quality laundry detergent into the water after slightly shakes a few times will spread out, just like the feeling of ink droplets into the water, will soon be able to dissolve away. Can choose a targeted use. Choose suitable detergent and used correctly, can cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and upgrade our quality of life. Chemical machinery url: chemical machinery address: hangzhou qingshan district 20 floor 24 hours free telephone: the bank of China tower
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