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Paint mixer in operating process should pay attention to things

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
1. Mixer is definitely open machinery at work, then charging for mixing, ban first charging, and charging process must not exceed the rated capacity. 2. Mixer operation is strictly prohibited in the process of stretch into a head and hands, especially like touch, and how many must be no good. At the same time also can't use sticks in chop material, etc. 3. Mixer in the process of operation in strict accordance with the instrument display, instrument that can check in advance, such as its reliability, ensure operation without accident. 4. When to stop using blender, cut off power supply first, speak material poured out, at the same time check mixer if everything is normal, if discovery is unusual in a timely manner maintenance. 5. Peripheral mixer operational areas have obvious non-work personnel off-limits logo, prevent into the accident. Horizontal mixer detergent packing machine laundry detergent packing machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: horizontal agitator seal performance is very important
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