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by:Meibao     2020-10-28
A: product description: liquid detergent scientific name is diesel exhaust treatment. Used in diesel engines. It is a kind of use in SCR technology, used to reduce nox in diesel exhaust pollution of the liquid. Due to the environmental protection department put forward further reduce diesel engine exhaust emissions of nitrogen oxides pollutants. Commonly known as euro IV standard in China. Engine manufacturers started using SCR technology ( Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology of Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) To meet the requirements of the environmental protection department. Diesel engine tail gas treatment fluid ( Domestic known as: washing powder, detergent, car environmental urea) Consumables, SCR technology must be used. Weifang golden motto, adopt advanced production machine in strict accordance with the GB29518 - 2013 national standard production. By 32. High purity of 5% urea crystal and 67. 5% to ion water configuration, with non-toxic, tasteless, no danger, no harm to the environment. SCR system including urea tank ( Loading of diesel exhaust processing liquid) , SCR catalytic reaction tank. SCR system operation process is: if I found you have nox in the exhaust pipe, urea can automatic overflowing diesel exhaust treatment fluid, diesel exhaust treatment fluid and nitrogen oxides in the SCR catalytic reaction tank REDOX reaction, generating no pollution of nitrogen and water vapor. Second, the advantages and disadvantages: if not loaded diesel exhaust treatment, the liquid or purity, or quality and inferior, vehicle engine, can occur in a slowdown. At the same time, quality and inferior diesel exhaust treatment fluid can contaminate SCR catalyst for the catalytic reaction tank, thereby causing serious consequences. Use the benefits of the way of washing powder. Kim: 1. Emissions testing standard: gold motto as the essentials of SCR system can effectively remove NOx ( Nitrogen oxides) 2. Cost savings: gold motto can help the SCR system to reduce fuel consumption, enhance power 3. Protection making machine: gold motto can effectively protect the SCR system, prolong the service life of the vehicle three, matters needing attention: 1, this product is not the vehicle's fuel additives and lubrication system, only filling in the vehicle's urea solution in private, not filling in the fuel tank, water tank, lubrication system, etc. 2, filling the product pay attention to the environment, avoid dust, has not used up, tighten cover, sealed preservation, prohibited to add any other material. 3, this product is a transparent, non-toxic liquid, safe in operation and harmless to the environment, do not belong to dangerous goods. Four, scope of application: 2 1 and diesel trucks and buses, engineering machinery 3, 4, long distance bus diesel car is 5, and 6, the cargo laundry detergent production machine laundry detergent production machine liquid detergent production machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: ultraviolet sterilization mechanism and processing properties
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