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Liquid detergent production machine process structures

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Liquid detergent is making machine tap water after preprocessing, precision filter and activated carbon filter filter such as silt particles adsorption odor, etc. , and let the water become more clean, and then through the reverse osmosis device for desalination of water quality purification, purification of water into the tank for storage, the water quality can meet the national tertiary water standard, meanwhile the wastewater discharge of reverse osmosis unit. Reverse osmosis pure water level is obtained by column purification depth desalting treatment as water or ultrapure water, finally if users have special requirements, in ultrapure water followed by ultraviolet sterilization or device, such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and remove the residual bacteria, particles, such as heat source of the water. Precision filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane, purification column with relative life materials, precision filter and activated carbon filter is, in fact, the protection of reverse osmosis membrane, if they fail, then load of reverse osmosis membrane is aggravating, shorten life, if you continue to boot, the water quality of pure water will decline, increased the burden of purification column, then the purification column will shorten the service life. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine washing powder production factory house, the last, the advantages and principle of pure water making machine
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