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Liquid detergent production machine PH value detection method

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Liquid detergent before making machine PH value detection method of water treatment scheme, the first thing to do for a job is to do the customer to deal with the water detection. Again in accordance with the requirements of water quality monitoring results, the water quality index, water treatment, site conditions to design and determine the technical solution. Including water quality detection routine projects mainly include: water supply source, turbidity, chromaticity, residual chlorine, PH, odor and taste, visible to the naked eye, the total number of bacteria, total coliforms, heat-resistant coliform, COD, SDI, hardness, total alkalinity, soluble total solid, ammonia nitrogen, iron, manganese, nitrate and nitrite, etc. 1, the definition of PH: hydrogen ion concentration index values commonly known as 'PH'. Acidic or alkaline degree of numerical solution, namely the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration. If a solution containing hydrogen ion concentration per liter of 0. 00001 grams, the hydrogen ion concentration index is 5. Hydrogen ion concentration index is in commonly 0 Between 14, when it is 7 solution is neutral and acidic when less than 7, the smaller the value, the stronger the acid; More than 7 alkaline, the greater the value, the more alkaline. PH is associated with hydrogen ion activity in solution, the hydrogen ion activity in dilute solution with hydrogen ion concentration is equal. Ph value reflects the solution of a variety of soluble compounds to acid-base equilibrium, mainly carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, the balance of the carbonate. Temperature on PH is bigger, every increase in pure water 25 ℃, the PH fell about 0. 45. 2, PH value of national standard: 6 drinking water standards. 5 - 8. 53, PH value of detection: pen PH meter ( 笔酸度计) , online PH meter, it can accurately measure the PH value at any time. 4, PH value exceeding the direct relation to human body harm human body health and PH is not obvious, the PH in 6. 5 - 9. 5 is not within the scope of the influence is healthy, gb is between, but now most people now feel weak alkaline water healthier. Can affect the Ph of water in water treatment engineering, chlorination lower Ph, soften water quality improve Ph. PH value of 5. 5 - 8. 2 when the most suitable for the growth of iron bacteria can form 'red water', PH less than 7, the contaminated water to generate hydrogen sulfide 2 send out rotten eggs smell, higher PH water will produce the bitter taste, colour will increase. The PH at the same time can also affect the coagulation, sedimentation, filtration of water the impurity content of water. PH is one of the hydrogen ion activity in the solution scale, which is generally measure of the degree of acid and alkali solution. PH value, the more the more acidic solution tends to zero, on the contrary, the more the more alkaline solution tends to 14, at room temperature, pH = 7 of solution to neutral solution. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine, liquid detergent production machine, laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: paint mixer in operation process should pay attention to what
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