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'Let the people away from the tail gas pollution' is the purpose of washing powder production machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 machine washing powder production equipment in the country there are a lot of franchisees and local reputation is also very good. Mechanical specification in the industry and the market has also done many work boot. One is the knowledge of universal detergent for consumers, make consumers to washing powder to establish correct understanding, avoid to produce resistance. Second, completes the supply system, the good sales network construction, to ensure that users can buy the high quality of urea product. 3 it is not only the production of detergent solution, machinery also launched a series of special maintenance of new products. 'let people away from the tail gas pollution has been a mechanical washing powder production equipment, the purpose of the company will in the later development process in a more excellent product quality, good product performance, leading technology advantage with customers to maintain good relations of cooperation. 。 At present, the washing powder production capacity is far short of the rhythm of the auto industry development, the market space is large, parts of a blank, also give entrepreneurs business a good rhythm. Washing powder is developed in Europe, used to add in the SCR system, through reaction with nox in the exhaust gas, to reduce their emissions. This technique was proved to mature and cheap and efficient, so by the world scale. As domestic attention to governance and diesel vehicles, such as national heavy duty truck, bus to achieve the five emissions standards, be about to choose a suitable SCR on tail gas processing system, and the system must use urea solution to deal with nox in the exhaust gas. Therefore, detergent solution became heavy trucks and buses to reach the discharge standard of prerequisite products equipment detergent washing powder production equipment. The previous: detergent production equipment to make money? Small and medium-sized investors into riches of good projects
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