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Laundry detergent used in production process and equipment

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
Laundry detergent roughly points in the process of production can be divided into several steps: raw water treatment filter, laundry detergent emulsion synthesis, finished filling equipment, products, sealing equipment, production date code. Everyone used laundry detergent, laundry detergent actually is also very easy to make. In the first step, the raw water treatment filter, laundry detergent is mostly water, so water quality determines the quality of laundry detergent. The first, we need water treatment equipment to deal with the water, the water to get rid of some trace elements and impurities, the pure water produced products will become more clear and bright, quality assurance period is longer. The second step, laundry detergent emulsion synthesis, the treated water joined the laundry detergent production equipment, according to the washing powder making machine laundry detergent production formula to weigh a good laundry detergent raw materials, in turn, add to the production equipment. Through production equipment of emulsion and high-speed shear treatment good a mixture of water and raw materials. The third step, finished filling equipment, the production using good laundry detergent washing powder making machine liquid filling equipment into the well. We have much money, the filling equipment of filling can be a variety of bottle and bag packaging. The fourth step, sealing equipment products, the good product to use sealing equipment for laundry detergent packing seal screw cap. Fifth, production date code equipment, to produce a good product packaging printing birthday date.
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