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Laundry detergent production machine formula advantage mainly traditional craft formula, free of charge

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Analysis of laundry detergent formula advantage mainly composed of traditional craft production machine, free of charge formula with the changing of science and technology, we adhering to the perfect, seiko manufacturing, production of all kinds of machinery, stainless steel tank, etc. , in the functional design, energy data, materials selection, welding technology, Cheng Pin tube, even appearance beautification, each process is through careful planning and requirements, product enough to comply with the food, pharmaceutical and other production with health inspection standards. Production line from Japan technical expertise, making machine laundry detergent production to improve product quality and technical level, and with new mould manufacturing technology and unique plate type hydraulic end plate, advanced welding, weld stress relieving making machine, such as more on product features, service life of the improvement and development, and can meet quality requirements and inspection standards from all walks of life. Widely praised by each manufacturer. Our technology advantage laundry detergent production ( Buy making machine, formula free of charge) : 1. Laundry detergent production machine efficiency than traditional detergent production efficiency is doubled. 2. Difficult to dissolve the raw materials required for the production of laundry detergent, Such as AES) Can be completely dissolved and emulsification, product concentration to, save the cost of raw materials. 3. Can be self-developed formula: analysis of famous brand products, sold for production formula, provided free of charge to the customer. 4. Bubble device: reduction of water and solvent to be recovered from the vessel wall injection, slowly to join in the process of bubble can reflect the unique fragrance. Foam effective solvent effect. Here is the laundry detergent production formula machine main parts: liquid detergent allowance CLCJ sulfonic acid 0 6%. 8% caustic soda 0. Fabric softeners 0 5%. The essence of 0 6%. Preservatives 0 2%. 0 3% pigment. 1% betaine 6% 4% COE - 6502 10 AESA fluorescent whitening agent 0 4% 5%. 0 2% sodium chloride. 2% of 'machine' to provide one-stop 'turnkey' service and installation of form a complete set, a two years free warranty, life-long maintenance. Professional technology, high-tech making machine is that we provide the best guarantee of high quality products. Whether you are looking for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and packaging, such as making machine, or in the worry for the whole project, please believe us, there are high quality products, has professional facilities and the project team waiting for you, let us to discuss with you and decisions, make progress together! Detergent production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent produced laundry detergent with ordinary washing powder scope and method of use
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