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Laundry detergent production machine: 10 to distinguish the good method of laundry detergent authenticity

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
A good laundry detergent decontamination, flooding water, antifreeze, fight electrostatic, anticorrosion, etc. Laundry detergent production machine, can effectively remove dirt, oil, gasoline and diesel, residual wax polish, gum, bird droppings, lac of highway etc. Inferior detergent due to its high alcohol content, can produce adverse impact on car paint, laundry detergent production machine, damage to the car paint surface gloss, hardness, and would have to contact of rubber parts and plastic parts bilge lysis, reduce the hardness of these accessories and color differences. Horizontal mixer how to identify the pros and cons of laundry detergent? Because making machine 1. Bubble: shake, laundry detergent foam rich quality better more, decontamination ability is stronger. Detergent packing machine 2. Consistency: the higher the viscosity of laundry detergent, the better the quality. Flip laundry detergent bottles, bubble rise velocity, the slower the release the better the quality, the faster the worse quality. Laundry detergent packing machine 3. Transparency: quality of laundry detergent glittering and translucent and transparent, inferior or metamorphism of laundry detergent have impurities. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine 4. Lubrication degree: fingers touch laundry detergent, rub it up and the quality of lubrication is good, if is very acerbity like water quality is poorer. Liquid detergent production machine 5 anti-fog: good the windscreen of brush of laundry detergent, breath test, is out of the fog at the meeting. Washing powder production machine 6. Bouquet: quality not pungent, inferior detergent pungent smell is strong. 7 laundry detergent production machine. Frost: try can put a refrigerator and refrigeration, genuine is very cold, quickly freeze into ice. Laundry detergent production machines, 8. Security code: code validation or call to verify. 9 detergent production machine. The quantity of detector: if you buy more worry, then you can go to the 4 s shops check with instrument. Because making machine 10. Price discrimination, general laundry detergent from 10 a few dollars to several dozens yuan, expensive hundreds of yuan. And inferior because some only 4, 5 yuan. But it is not expensive and is a good laundry detergent, you need to get screened. Washing powder production factory house, the previous: horizontal mixer, horizontal concrete mixer
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