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Laundry detergent of thawing five small coup you know a few

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Many car owners should have useful experience of water instead of laundry detergent, sometimes the detergent with water blending, used instead of laundry detergent. This kind of practice while saving money, but long-term use can cause damage to the car. In addition to speed up the process of hardening wiper, will therefore lead to the glass surface is scratched, shave, severe cases have to replace the wiper blade, pay cost is more than ten times the price of laundry detergent. To use the laundry detergent, it is because it has an irreplaceable role. In addition to clean, but also satisfy the function of the lubrication performance, corrosion resistance. Summer dedicated many ingredients contain efficient except the shellac, and winter is special, contain antifreeze ingredient, prevent freezing making machine. The one thousand use undeserved, laundry detergent frozen? The following methods can help you. 1, if found in use of laundry detergent spray not laundry detergent has been filled with water, the laundry detergent frozen. Water will have to stop for operation, otherwise it will damage the hydraulic motor. 2, if the sun is good, can drive to the sun at noon time, open the front cover in the sun, as long as the laundry detergent is not bad cold will melt over a period of time. 3, give the car a laundry detergent in the winter, if before the tap water in the kettle, must put the water is clean, when water spray can be sustained in a short while ago the windshield, until the spray not water, then add laundry detergent. To prevent the secondary frozen. 4, when choosing laundry detergent, must choose good quality, to watch the packaging logo, want to have a clear manufacturer, address, date of production, etc. If the packing is very rough, production date, is likely to be inferior laundry detergent, not only clean the glass is not clean, and easy to freeze. 5, winter antifreeze type glass cleaning fluid is used, it is the main difference between the winter because it is not easy to freeze, frost resistance stronger lot, ensures the outside air temperature below 20 degrees below zero, still not bad car facilities have iced. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine, liquid detergent production machine, laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, in an article: how to build a direct drinking water system
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