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Laundry detergent manufacturer to teach you the matters needing attention when using laundry detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Laundry detergent is a kind of product must be used in People's Daily life, a lot of people think there is anything need to be aware of laundry detergent, free to use. Actually otherwise, in the use of laundry detergent and there is some need to pay attention to, the following is to introduce to you by the laundry detergent manufacturer. 1, pay attention to when catharsis, will be sure to dry the clothes were soaked in join the standard-bearer of laundry detergent water, not wet clothes, first add the standard-bearer, laundry detergent, otherwise due to the water's surface tension, will hinder the flag bearer effective decontamination in laundry detergent ingredients deep into the cloth fiber, the influence of washing decontamination effect. 2, rinse the clothes, usually two to three full, rinse water after a small amount of residual white foam, is this product to add fabric softener and antistatic agent, harmless to the body and clothes, don't have to drift out, such as forced should rinse clean may affect gentleness and antistatic effect. 3, super concentrated formula, such as rinsing after three times, there are still a lot of foam, that amount is too large, the next time you use please take into consideration the maximize reduce dosage, lest cause waste. 4, heavy dirt, can directly apply this product, 2 - According to normal process after 3 minutes, washing. 5, cap with functions of measuring cup, please according to the standard accurate usage, lest cause waste. Pursues a finely crafted, impeccable quality policy, the quality of the pursuit of superior quality, high effect, know the importance of quality is stable. 6, do not drink, please stored in a children's unfavorable contact area. Next: what kind of shampoo is good, to teach you how to choose the right shampoo on an article: 'water' the impact on the production of laundry detergent
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