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Laundry detergent cleaning products such as the production of items that should be paid attention to

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Is not strange for a large chemical manufacturers, because after many years of production practice, they have accumulated the shampoo, detergent, washing powder, liquid soap catharsis things such as the production of a set of experience, especially in the production of these products and production after placing temperature control that is like the palm of his hand. But for start-up, contact time is not long, because practice is not necessarily can remember technology training teacher prompt attention to detail. Seasonal temperature, seemingly nothing important, but for shampoo, detergent, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, etc. Washing products in particular. Many just into the line, has put forward some questions to us: said before normal production, zha now that the weather cold or hot, is produced according to the method of before closing? According to buy shampoo season of production equipment is divided into two kinds: the first is: buy shampoo or detergent production equipment production equipment back to production time is just the customer, spring or summer in early may in the production of smooth, can wait until winter climate after a sudden drop in temperature, soon found a very strange phenomenon, according to the original production product at high temperature to adjust the consistency that not line, a lower temperature, product still thick it very smooth out after packing bottle. On the contrary is the winter back do customers buy equipment, in summer or winter in accordance with that set of production operation method, the result just right opposite to the former. How to solve such problems? Actually very simple, is just a little note on the thickening process, in the winter because the temperature is low, production of products on the basis of the original thickening thickening material reduce dosage, such products such as production after stillness can reach the consistency you want. But due to the high temperature in summer, thickening of words is difficult, so the product can be on the basis of the original thickening materials dosage, achieve their desired consistency. Method that is the case, but due to the standard consistency individuals have personal, you can practice a few times more. Laundry detergent equipment next article: detergent instructions: what are the dangers of detergent? A: on the national standard of laundry detergent production equipment manufacturer on laundry detergent
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