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Laundry detergent and washing powder that have more advantages

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
I've always thought washed by hand in the laundry detergent to wash clean clothes, do not know to have a person the feeling of like me, so, after I go to college, has been to use soap powder, now work still have this habit. But two days before the landlord suddenly say no laundry detergent soap powder is good, I ate a surprised, hurriedly to check the data, in fact this problem belongs to many things, but the information check ok, just share with you! Mild detergent production machine 1, laundry detergent no stimulation, easy to dissolve, easy to rinse, rich fragrance, for clothes clean corner, detergency than soap powder is strong, but the cost is relatively high compared with soap powder. 2, if it is the common water quality laundry detergent making machine, washing machine wash his clothes, high-grade clothing, such as silk, cashmere, use laundry detergent is better, because laundry detergent washing powder and soap powder is more easily dissolved, and no pollution to the environment, weak acid formula can protect to the skin. Laundry detergent making machine 3, natural soap powder is environmental protection, the main ingredient is fatty acids, more than 90% of the raw materials from renewable vegetable oils, is suitable for cleaning close-fitting clothing and children's clothes. 4, laundry detergent is easy to dissolve, the main ingredient is a surfactant, higher technology content, suitable for washing the neckline, cuffs, such as a corner, permeability is strong, after washing clothes will be more fluffy, soft, smooth and also have effect and lasting flavor. Laundry detergent making machine 5, if it is washed by hand children's clothing, especially their undergarments, suggest using soap powder, relatively more environmental health. Laundry detergent packing machine small make up summary: I prefer soap powder, also talked about the front, the problem is that many things. People feel less soap powder foam, easy to wash, strong detergency, occasionally with opportunities of laundry detergent. Don't know you like to use the laundry detergent or soap powder. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: reverse osmosis water treatment which making machine is suitable for the industry
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