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How to reduce the coating wear mixer to improve service life

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
We all know that the machine is in use when wear will directly affect the service life of the machine, so for coating horizontal mixer is also the same problems, today we will introduce some about how to reduce the wear of coating mixer, thus to improve the service life of the mixer. Cut coating mixer should wear from paint mixer period will need to be maintenance and maintenance. Period paint mixer common problems for smooth and bad performance. Because of the new assembly parts combine them with the space between is very small, and the reason such as for installation, is difficult to ensure the gap uniformity, smooth oil is not easy to form homogeneous oil film, in conflicts on the surface to avoid wear and tear. In order to reduce the smooth effect, thus the early abnormal wear and tear parts. Formed a serious conflict the accurate appearance scratch or wear, lead to failure. Because paint mixer new machinery parts processing, installation and regulation of influencing factors, such as conflict appearance of the touch area is lesser, exterior pressure of unequal position, wear quickly. At the moment, if the overload operation, it may form parts damaged, early fault attack. So, when using the paint mixer in a period of time, must not use their overloaded operations, this regarding to the application of coating mixer life is to be able to sell at a discount greatly. So we need to pay attention and maintenance. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine, liquid detergent production machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: liquid detergent making machine a variety of reasons of leaking and their solutions
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