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How to operate detergent technology formulation and production machinery and equipment

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
Washing powder is common one of the most commonly used washing products on the market. A philosopher once said: 'when people don't wear clothes, washing powder, no the market'. Superstition, said: 'when creating disposable clothing or disposable clothing, washing powder will disappear'. Economist, said: 'the human history, in addition to food, any of the items have not like washing powder has such a huge market, the consumption of such a large, so the vitality of the weak'. So said detergent market is huge. With washing powder production equipment to produce washing powder should be how to sell? Through what to sell? Also, washing powder is also scattered with detergent and bags of washing powder. Bags of washing powder is divided into ordinary washing powder, such as 'diao card, make white, tide, secret, such as washing powder', diluted detergent, high foaming detergent, detergent, hotel special laundry detergent, no phosphorus detergent washing powder. Shampoo equipment marketing strategy: 1, school neighbourhood, area doorway, hotel around a laundromat. Because of dry cleaning is too expensive, ordinary consumers affordable - 1 yuan The price of 3 yuan, cleaning every day hundreds of clothes very easily. 2, hotel bedding wash every day, and they set up cooperation relationship, can clean hundreds every day. 3, also can undertake office cleaning service, lucrative. 4, procurement, packaging, retail to each market, after the first trial to pay, also can go to the gate, the farmer's market by doing experiment, washing powder technology formulation and production machinery and equipment, and sales. Improve visibility. 5, teamed up with supermarkets and retail market, sales after the first payment, cheap money and retail. 6, washing powder to the countryside, shop goods to the outlets of villages and towns and villages salesroom generation of sales. Laundry detergent equipment next: washing powder equipment: use detergent laundry considerations on an article: how to produce the bulk detergent gb detergent and hotel?
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