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How to identify prevent washing powder making machine and detergent join scam making machine project

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
How to identify and prevent the project to join scam! Detergent powder making machine and detergent production machine cheats and alleged fraud increasingly, environmental protection, such as fuel oil project, reverse black and white, confuse right and wrong, fraud. Conscience anti-counterfeiting, only alone is like moths to a fire, in the hope that more people to participate in with conscience conscience anti-counterfeiting industry, let more entrepreneurs to avoid being deceived. Zhejiang fit-out national patent inventor Wang Xianjun urged: entrepreneurs only distinguish right from wrong, to little detours. Special remind founders: to distinguish true and false of the project is not difficult, the eia certificates issued by the environmental protection bureau, is all processing industry including food and beverage, etc must be hard Numbers, as a result, all making machine manufacturers must have the eia qualification, otherwise, doesn't allow making machine production, tableware detergent, and other products, if there is no technical supervision bureau issued production licenses, the same can't production, otherwise, will be investigated by illegal production. In big cities such as Beijing, wuhan, then, is engaged in the project to join in making machine from where? A is entrusted black workshop actually manufactured and inferior making machine production, but in the suburbs secretly production, because of their poor product quality, low processing cost, so the cheap bait became covet is cheap the first choice for entrepreneurs. . To conscience, from I was the poor go out of the ordinary people, so, I think to make money, though important, but save the conscience is more important. No matter how join scam malicious attacks, anti-counterfeit and entrepreneurs interests the way, I will be obliged to go, want to have more be arouse the conscience of the people together and join scam said no.
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