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How to distinguish the stand or fall of laundry detergent with detergent equipment manufacturer

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Every industry has a corresponding rivals, have formal manufacturers, have turned, shoddy, today to teach you what kind of factory is true, to teach you is quite critical. Want to produce laundry detergent, washing powder, detergent, hand sanitizer, glass of water, antifreeze, automotive urea equipment need to be? First, the production devices can't have better quality, the best is to use 304 stainless steel, iron, alloy iron corrodes easily material cannot be used, those who use is easy to rust material damage to the product; Only one machine is the need of produce the product with a full set of machine, water machine, the host ( The reaction kettle) , filling machine, code, screw cap, such as machine, some manufacturers will be in order to save cost of simplifying the devices, is clearly a price a points goods, some vendors is to target people heart so lower prices to attract eyeball. Every industry products has his 'market price for an enterprise to be attention or high-end, low-end or do. High-end manufacturers must be acknowledged by the quality, the cognizance of low-end customer psychology. Now in the market have manufacturers merchants to join all in the name of himself as a equipment manufacturer but the equipment is not their production, or just a small workshops - And is just turned in recent years, or just do a tank began to sell, this is for you and the customer's irresponsible, or thousands of dollars can buy a set of equipment service is good, again to understand other feel equipment complex, the price is high, when your field to see can obvious gap. The full set of equipment of a few dollars from aspects of the degree of automation equipment quality after-sales is imperfect, the early promise everything is good when things are blowing in late but finished buy equipment simply can't use previous promise you what all don't count, when dealing with after-sale people push people, to finally get you down. Next up: a future development direction in the field of civilian cleaning: laundry detergent production proportion of main recipe ingredients
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