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How to choose a professional washing powder making machine manufacturer

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
one Company profile founded in February 1996, mainly engaged in new technology research and development and promotion, daily chemical detergent production machine, automobile cleaner and making machine for urea production, development, production and sales. The products sell well all over the country, as well as more than 30 countries and regions such as southeast Asia and Africa. The company is located in hangzhou city zhongyuan district songshan road 299, hangzhou business incubation garden room 3104, building 3. two Select the project is very important, but choose more critical to supporting manufacturers ( Choice is greater than the effort) 。 1. Project to be sustainable, and should comply with national environmental requirements. 2. Detergent, daily chemical products, home, and everyone must mass daily consumables. 3. Extraordinary, meet customer requirements of product. 3. Hangzhou to the customer provide the main products. 1. Big small and medium-sized washing powder of complete sets of production machine, and provide technology formula. 2. Automatic liquid detergent all-in-one, multi-usage, can produce detergent, detergent, hand sanitizer, washing liquid, shampoo, shower gel, water glass detergent such as complete sets of production machine, and to provide a full range of technology formula. 3. Soap, soap production of complete sets of machines, and provide technology formula. 4. For urea production machine, water glass production machine. 5. Ro reverse osmosis membrane water treatment making machine, and to provide bottled water a full set of production machines. Four. Factory investment need to how much washing powder detergent factory but can small, flexible decision, according to their own economic situation of small making machine investment about 10000 5, 5000 raw materials and packaging, 20000 yuan can start, can be out of the finished product. Technical support the complete set of technical craft formula, when you upgrade, have a professional teacher taught you how to do, from theory to practice, and our technology formula is for life support. We will first give you our latest formula.
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