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How much laundry detergent foam and decontamination matter?

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Because we often use, some people buy a lot of laundry detergent bubbles, also some people buy laundry detergent bubbles rarely. Some people think more laundry detergent bubbles cleaner, think less laundry detergent bubbles will buy fake laundry detergent. Actually this cognitive is wrong, because the foam cleaning of clothes stain is not important, laundry detergent decontamination mainly reflected on the surface active agent. The more so not foam detergent cleaning effect, the better. At present, the international mainstream of laundry detergent is low foam, because the bubble more laundry detergent when washing clothes is not easy to rinse clean, need to rinse several times, increase the washing water, resulting in the waste water and washing cost growth. And low foam detergent when washing clothes to rinse 1 - Full 2 times can completely clean, reduce water consumption and power consumption. So, when the choose and buy laundry detergent, you can rest assured the choose and buy of the bold low foam detergent. Detergent production equipment: next article small detergent production equipment what are the advantages for investors? The previous: choose baby laundry detergent USES what kind of washing method?
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