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How much do you know about detergent making machine mechanical innovation product function?

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 how much do you know about detergent equipment mechanical innovation product function? Detergent equipment is a kind of high-tech innovation, with high efficiency, safety and environmental protection. This product is soluble products, widely used in automobile windshield, home, public places, such as glass cleaning and maintenance. One over one thousand of the weight of traditional detergent solid detergent, using light and portable. The following mechanical will tell you about the performance characteristics of solid detergent equipment ( ) 。 1. Safe environmental protection, high-tech products are safe and environmental protection, in line with international standards and production requirements. Materials such as phosphate-free, without excitant odour, remain the state of neutral PH, biodegradable, no damage to the human body and the environment. 2. Efficient cleaning: the oil film, bird droppings, bug resin, dust, such as gum dirt has efficient cleaning action. This product contains natural plant extraction of citric acid, detergents device can effectively remove pipe and nozzle residual scale, decontamination, flooding water, anti-static, anti-corrosion. 3. Detergent equipment good anti-fog winter driving is the most headache while driving to wipe glass, there are a lot of accidents are due to clean the Windows. Good detergent composition contains frost mist, effective adsorption on the surface of the glass, not frost, obvious effects for long, is has the function of the high-end detergent. 4. Effective protection: the wipers rubber to soften and antiswelling effect, maintain flexibility, prolong service life. Maintenance of coated glass, the line of sight better, safer driving. And effectively protect the paint, rubber, plastic, metal parts, car body, prolong the service life of the car! 5. Light and convenient: easy storage, save you luggage space, occupied space for traditional detergent accounted for one percent of the space, light and convenient, compared with other detergent equipment can reduce the transportation cost and storage cost of more than 70%. 【 Mechanical 】 Twelve years equipment laundry detergent, shampoo equipment production experience, equipment, shampoo detergent production equipment, equipment, washing liquid detergent equipment, detergent equipment, washing equipment, laundry detergent equipment to provide opportunity for countless small business, equipment selection shampoo, detergent equipment, washing equipment, laundry detergent equipment business, small investment returns! A: what are washing powder production equipment to produce washing powder marketing
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