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How just add detergent spray once didn't

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
We drove a habit is to see the front windshield is dirty, just open the wiper fantasy out laundry detergent to wash. If you have special love clean, this is also particularly fast laundry detergent, spray had nothing like a spray, seems to improve a lot of driving vision, open in my mind also feel more comfortable. Car laundry detergent with functions of dustproof, anti-fog, antifreeze, not easy with dust, for owners, it is also essential. If you have some to ask how to just know running out of laundry detergent? For this problem, the most direct answer basic spray is not to come out, that laundry detergent. Still have a kind of method is our auto instrument will have a proportional water level indicator light, when we are driving if running out of laundry detergent and the lamp began to flash, then you should know how to add laundry detergent. How to add? Laundry detergent, first of all, the market has sold with two points in winter and summer. When the weather is cold in the winter must use dedicated winter, otherwise the laundry detergent ice will bring unnecessary damage to the car. But in the summer, add generally contain clean gum and shellac. Many car owners don't know how to add after buy laundry detergent, the car actually add laundry detergent is not very big difficulty, the following methods: car because how the first step is to open before the machine cover, of course, also don't understand, don't say this that's really a good look at the car manual. The switch of machine cover are generally below the instrument desk in front of the driver's seat, as long as gently pull motive cover is opened. Will see after open is a basic white bottle, the lid of the black watering can, the vast majority of car of the watering can in the engine compartment on the right. If you are unsure whether it? Then look at water top lid son has a and light is the same logo, the sign of global production all cars are the same. Finally open it to Riga. But to a little can see in the deepest water is enough, not more than one of the largest scale line. Can much overflow, this will only cause waste. If you have some reflection, why do my laundry detergent added, but not the next day? That this may be because pot or pipe has broken the water is leaking, directly to fill up again, then look at the know. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine, liquid detergent production machine, laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, in an article: how to choose suits own laundry detergent
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