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Horizontal mixer structure diagram

by:Meibao     2020-10-24
Overview: this page theme of horizontal mixer structure diagram of atlas, content contains a horizontal mixer structure schematic drawings, horizontal mixer structure and so on! 1. Horizontal mixer structure schematic drawing 2. Three horizontal mixer structure of the system. Horizontal mixer function and characteristics of the horizontal mixer is a new generation of organic hybrid making machine. Unique design allows making machine mixing uniformity, high residual, at least for two or more fertilizer, mixing of additive premix. Specific features are: material are fully mixed, thus improve the mixing uniformity; Adopting rotor structure, double screw with minimum clearance between the u-shaped slot wall is adjustable to near zero, effectively reduce the material allowance; Can the larger material crushing, overall simple and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance. Detergent production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent production factory house: investment laundry detergent production profits analysis
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