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Horizontal mixer maintenance

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
A: horizontal agitator motor maintenance and fault FAQ A1. Horizontal agitator motor broken reasons are: 1. Horizontal agitator motor current is too large burn out 2. Horizontal mixer phase 3 burn out. Horizontal mixer or aging damage 4 bearing oil shortage. Horizontal mixer blade concentricity deviation lead to motor damage A2: horizontal agitator motor maintenance solution: 1. Solution: check whether the cable of the electric current is too large, the voltage is normal, stop to check the motor rotation is normal. 2. Solution: check whether the air switch is lack of phase, check whether the contactor and thermal relay is lack of phase, 3. Solution: check whether the motor is short of oil, if there is a noise 4 motor rotates. Solution: turn the motor to see the wind leaves the concentricity of the position deviation, cutting way should be taken to adjust the wind leaf weight balance point 2: horizontal mixer maintenance section A1. Transmission part 1. Horizontal mixer bearing maintenance: every week to refueling and maintenance, testing if there is a noise bearing, ball bearing is worn 2. Gearbox maintenance: maintenance once half a month, need to check whether the transmission oil is enough, the lack of both add, add to the visual center of the window. 3. Motor maintenance: maintenance once every half month, to check whether the motor and belt pulley is loose, whether the misalignment, such as dislocation easily cause fracture belt wear, detection of motor voltage and power is normal; A2: electrical part 1. Check before starting the electric cabinet and electrical, whether the leakage, the voltage is normal detergent production factory house, the previous: we invest in production of detergent should pay attention to?
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