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Horizontal mixer life extension method

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
Horizontal mixer using secure 1, agitator should be set in the flat position, use the wood mat up front and rear axles, the tire is put aside high overhead, so as not to walk in when the. 2, the mixer should implement the secondary leakage protection, before going to work, after power on, must be carefully checked by the empty turn try think qualified, just can use. Commissioning should check when mixing drum speed whether appropriate, under normal circumstances, the proportion of empty car speed car ( After loading) 2 ~ 3 turns slightly faster, such as far more, should adjust pulley and the proportion of the driving wheel. 3, mixing barrel rotation direction should comply with the direction of the arrow, if not, should be corrected motor wiring. Horizontal mixer 4, check whether the transmission clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, wire rope is damaged, track pulley are in good condition, surrounded by accessibility and lubrication situation of each part. 5, after startup, often pay attention to the blender parts work is normal. Often check whether mixer blade bending when stop the machine, screw ever strike or loose. 6, when the completion of concrete mixing or pause is expected to more than 1 h, besides excess stock out of the net, the application of stones and water to pour into shaking inside the cylinder, turn on, put the glue on the cylinder of the mortar all discharged after rinse. Can not have water in the cylinder to avoid cylinder and leaf rust. At the same time also should clean up the dust outside mixing drum, make machinery clean intact. 7, after work and stop need not when, should a switch power, and lock the switch box, in order to ensure safety. Horizontal agitator washing powder production factory house, the previous: choose the cautions of laundry detergent
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