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Horizontal mixer how to heating

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
1. Heating form horizontal mixer product features: a detergent packing machine. Imported motor, speed reducer is the guarantee of machine start smoothly. Laundry detergent packing machine b. Using thermal oil as heating medium, the temperature is 80 - 300 degrees; Calories are, convenient control; c。 Heating drying using double U barrel design, the lining for the full stainless steel material; Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine d. The motor and reducer from the reliable manufacturer, the output is big, stable performance; E liquid detergent production machine. Full stainless steel central axis and 'S' shape blade, strong and durable, homogenizing effect is good. f。 According to the customer request type pneumatic or manual discharging mouth; G detergent production machine. Spiral feeding machine, can be ordered without charging platform, safe, fast and convenient; h。 Multiple safety protection device, ensure the safety of the operator with a machine. I laundry detergent production machine. Also can be used according to customer requirements, selection of carbon steel material production, save investment. 2. Horizontal mixer features: a. Large stainless steel with super wide stainless steel 'S' shape blade, ensure quick stir evenly. Laundry detergent production machine b. The timer can be set mixing time, in a short period of time complete mixing, low energy, high efficiency. d。 Dry mixing kandy, shut off the homogenization can be used for material heating switch 'purposes; Detergent production machine c. Heating oil temperature can be customized, mainly through the electric heating plate inside the fuel tank temperature heat conduction oil transmission, by using the temperature inside the barrel material stirring drying in the process of mixing, reach the goal of mixing dry. e. Whole body for the square tube, channel iron frame, to ensure rigidity. Because making machine f. VAT and raw material contact parts adopt stainless steel, no dead Angle, aggregate is easy washing, no pollution. g。 Multiple safety protection device, ensure the safety of the operator with a machine. Detergent production factory house, the previous: the maintenance of horizontal mixer
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