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Horizontal mixer daily maintenance plan

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
Horizontal mixer is divided into heating drying and conventional mixing two categories, with a variety of specifications for customers to choose capacity by these machines: stainless steel barrel 'U' shape, frame, driving motor, s-shaped pulp shaft, heating device, wetted device and electric control parts. Detergent packing machine features: 1, heating drying adopts double U barrel design, the lining is full stainless steel material: 2, using thermal oil as heating medium, heat evenly, and convenient control: laundry detergent packing machine 3, full stainless steel central axis and 'S' shape blade, strong and durable, good homogenization effect: 4, selection of motor and speed reducer, the output is big, stable performance, laundry detergent packing machine 5, the replacement screw feeding machine, without charging platform, safe, fast and convenient: A: structure: reverse osmosis water treatment making machine 1, the mixer is horizontal cylinder, inner and outer layer or three layer spiral belt, has A unique structure, smooth operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, and has A variety of agitator structure, fast mixing, high mixing evenness. USES a wide range of multifunctional hybrid making machine. 2, as required by the different material mixed ( Special material must be clean every time after mixing) , using different spiral band structure, special atomized liquid, set and a special nozzle. Model can be heated, dry. Horizontal door the body can also be equipped with activity, so that for user to clean. Liquid detergent production machine B: mixer 1 safety regulations, fixed mixer should have a solid foundation, mobile mixer should use the wood or fixed bracket, and maintain a level. 2, operation before shall check and confirm the drive mechanism, working device, protective gear, such as solid and reliable, flexible operation. Triangle tape firmness, appropriate mixing blades and compared. in gap between 3 ~ 5 mm, good at both ends of stirring shaft seal. Detergent production machine 3, after start-up, should be idle running, check the mixing blade rotation direction is correct, before loading, mixing operations. Should join the sand sieving. It is forbidden to load startup, wait for when the machine working normally before loading. Laundry detergent making machine 4, in operation, it is forbidden to use the hands or sticks, etc into the mixing barrel, or in TongKou cleaning by hand. Laundry detergent production machine 5, homework, when malfunction cannot continue stirring, should immediately cut off the power supply, will be within the cylinder material poured out, troubleshooting rear can use. After 6, homework, should clean the product materials in mechanical, water clean, completes the maintenance work, cut off power supply, the door is locked. C: preventive maintenance and 1, bearing lubricated periodically to maintain, bearing severe wear is timely replacement. Transmission must go after use. And replace lubricating oil regularly, amount to on the gearbox. Because making machine 2, if it is found that axial leakage material, seal is bad, need to replace the seal. 3, motor weakness or overheating, should check whether the material too much, voltage too low. Should timely adjust the charge or voltage steady again after work. D: the main technical parameters: washing powder production machine: 1, mixing uniformity coefficient LV ≧ 8% unit 2, workspace noise: ≦ 85 db3, unit workspace dust: ≦ 10 mg detergent production factory house, the previous: reverse osmosis water treatment making machine stopped for a long time
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