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Do you need to start a cleaning products factory before

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Open a cleaning products factory is a need to do before washing, cleaning daily kitchen utensils and appliances, clothing, oily be soiled, cleaning, essential daily necessities, common to the market price of a bottle of detergent in 3. 5 - 4 yuan, and the cost of a bottle of detergent and bottles words up in 1. 2 yuan, other are all the profits. Bulk detergent is vats of detergent, mainly sold to restaurants, so the price of detergent in 10 kg price 20 yuan 1 kg 1 yuan price, but the cost of bulk detergent is in only 3 yuan, so the detergent are also one of profiteering products. So what's the production of detergent, and detergent production should be how to assure the quality of the production machine. First: need to choose a right, the right manufacturer has produced qualified detergent machine and qualified detergent technology. Second: to preferential prices to ensure that the quality of the products. Third: certain local markets for sales, have their own sales channels, has a fixed customer resources. So the most important still is to choose the right manufacturer, do washing powder making machine on the market, detergent production machine, shampoo making machine manufacturers have a lot of, you should how to choose a right manufacturer? The first: a normal manufacturer is to own their own production workshop inspection for the customer. Can let the customer see the structure of the machine in detail, to better understand the performance of the machine. The second: a normal manufacturer is to own their own sales team, production team, training team. Third: a dialogue between the basic business personnel and customers usually is fool, say the true, the customer is suspected, as to eliminate the doubt the best way is to let customers know detergent production machine, can operate by our own hands. Fourth: a normal manufacturer sales are not just making machine, as well as a good after-sales service. About detergent making machine on the market there are a lot of alternative detergent production mixer machine, but mixing and manual with pot boil no difference, even in the winter time of the year will be separated, metamorphism. So now in the market of detergent is emulsion is used to produce making machine. These can be from many detergent production factory house to choose several factories and then go to the field one by one. Detergent production factory house, the previous: investment catharsis things cannot earn money
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