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Do not have to buy detergent, can do at home!

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent can use don't need to buy, we can do it by pomelo peel yourself detergent, the effect is not bad, natural does not hurt the hand. The detergent equipment manufacturers about pomelo peel step of detergent. Step one: make pomelo detergent, the material we need to have: pomelo peel, edible alkali, sealed tank and water. Step 2: remove the white part of the pomelo peel some first. Step 3: cut into wire into the bottle. Step four: soon pomelo peel and then pour into water. Step 5: add a small spoon edible alkali. Step 6: cover and shake, homemade grapefruit skin detergent will take shape. Step 7: don't use directly, however, to the fridge for a week before they can use; So the fragrance of grapefruit skin would be fully released! Grapefruit skin cleaning principle of grapefruit skin white muscle has a strong adsorption ability and degreasing ability, and there is strong degreasing effect for edible alkali, can remove the redundant grease on bowl chopsticks, combination of the two, decontamination ability of course! The previous: washing powder machine: cleaning products is the ideal investment projects?
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